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Climate Change – Fact or Fiction?

Recently my daughter, a high school senior, and two of her classmates were working on a presentation for their AP Stats class. They were making tables, graphs and writing the analysis regarding climate change. I happened to overhear their conversation and it reminded me about the same “hot topic” that took place onboard Silver Explorer last summer while on expedition in the Arctic (read about that trip by clicking here).

The conversation motivated me to create a quick video showing some of the highlights from the Arctic. Our expedition leader Luke did a great job describing the different types of ice and how they can act as a time stamp, which helps provide valuable insight. In fact, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center website, glacial ice can range in age from several hundred to several hundreds of thousands years, making it valuable for climate research tool.

Regardless of your stance on global climate change, an expedition cruise is a great way to explore, discover and discuss relevant topics. Where would you like to go?



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