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Exotic Asia – Cruise Destination Review

What is an exotic cruise destination?

Exotic describes someone or something that is foreign or unusual. So that means that an exotic cruise offers an itinerary that is unique (not offered week after week). For a non-cruiser that could mean just about anywhere. But for the experienced cruise traveler, an Exotic Cruise means a destination that is off the beatern-path.

Cruising in Asia is certainly off the beaten-path. The best time of year to cruise in Asia is in Spring or Fall. There are a lot of itineraries to choose from. Southern Asia is warmer (sometimes hot and humid), while an itinerary calling on multiple Chinese ports might not give enough opportunities to experience multiple cultures.

China, Japan, Korea


A wonder and an item that shows up on a blot of ‘bucket lists” is a visit to China’s Great Wall. Northern routes will take you from Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dalian, and Eastward to South Korea and Japan.

Mt. Laoshan temple near Qingdao, China


Hakata, Japan.


Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul, South Korea.

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