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European Towns

In honor of #ExpediaChat today, I decided to put together a quick roundup of European cities that you can cruise to or from. The most popular places to cruise from are called embarkation ports. This term refers to the place where a person will board the ship. The place where a person gets off the ship at the end of their vacation is called a debarkation port. When the two happen to be the same place, then it is a roundtrip and usually also referred to as a turnaround port meaning the ship turnaround at the same place. The most popular turnaround ports have services to facilitate fueling, cleaning, and provisioning.

Popular European towns for ocean cruising

Rome heart
As seen at the port in Civitavecchia, Italy outside of Rome.

Popular European towns for river cruising

MIddle Rhine Bridge Basel, Switzerland. Photo by Cruise Buzz.
Middle Rhine Bridge Basel, Switzerland. Photo by Cruise Buzz.

Beginning in the Spring, the cities along the riverbanks of Europe are busy with river cruise boats. The most popular itineraries are on the Rhine and Danube rivers, but there are many other options available as well.

Port information for embarkation/debarkation

  • Amsterdam
  • Basel
  • Bordeaux
  • Budapest
  • Lyon
  • Moscow
  • Nuremberg
  • Paris
  • Passau
  • St. Petersburg
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