Crusie Holidays question of the day

Hi Cruisebuzz fans. Today I have posted a unique question at USA TODAY and I will repeat it here to drum up some feedback. The hot topic is about getting denied boarding at embarkation.
Have you ever been denied boarding at embarkation? A fellow customer of ours arrived at 4:10 for the Freedom of the Seas. He was hassled and ultimately denied boarding for failure to show up on time. He had to watch the ship sail away without him. The ship actually left at 6:00 pm. What a disaster. Last week on the Disney Cruise we were actually delayed leaving as Disney waited for a few late passengers. The sail away party was in full swig while we stayed roped to the dock. We sailed away about an hour later than promised. What gives? I have seen it go both directions. Should the cruise line give the client a refund?

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