What is cruising?

Cruising: a basic overview

Sit back and watch our video about cruising. Then decided if you are #ready2cruise

So much media attention these days is focused on negative comments about the cruise industry. However, personally I have never been sick on a ship due to Norovirus nor have I been the victim of a pirate attack or even close to running aground. For those that have, I am deeply sorry. But for the rest of us, cruising is a great way to have a vacation.

Reason # 1 to love cruising:  value

It’s not uncommon for people to realize that for their vacation dollar, cruising offers the best value. In the Top 10 Reasons to Cruise published on Cruise Critic they remind readers that the (almost) all-inclusive pricing for a cruise covers  food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between destinations.

Cruises offer great value
Cruises offer great value


Reason #2 to love cruising – fun for all members of the family

Regardless of age, all members of the family can find something fun to do on a ship.

Time to unwind at sea
Time to unwind at sea


Reason #3 to love cruising – the crew

Smiling welcome from Silversea
Welcome to Silversea Cruises

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