Cruising your way to a great fundraiser

All aboard!  Calling all family travelers that want to help fundraise!

I live in California with two elementary students in public school.  That means that every week my family receives emails, fliers, and soliciations to help raise funds for our school facing a huge budget crisis.  One way that I have been able to help our local school is through offering a fundraiser cruise for families interested in traveling together.  

When traveling as a group, we are able to obtain the lowest group rates available.  Cruise lines want group business and they will offer very attractive amenity packages to secure the group business. One amenity that cruise lines offer is a fundraiser credit.  The cruise line will actually make a donation to the qualified non-profit based on cabin sales. In addition, there is extra funds to be raised based on total cabin sales.  For example one free cruise berth for every 16 full paying passengers.  These free berths may be used for a raffle (which can be sold to increase overall profit) or used to invite a special host/guest.

Organizing a fundraiser cruise is easy with some planning

It seems that we are all involved with one organization or another that either finances itself or its initiatives through some fundraising activity. Because so many groups are active fundraisers, today’s challenge is competing for what may be the same dollars. That’s where a fundraising cruise comes into play.

Fundraising cruises are a terrific way for groups to raise money, have fun and create a sense of camaraderie among members. Cruise Buzz from Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo has worked with many non-profits and organizations to help raise awareness and funds.  Offering something like a group cruise is a way for families to travel and to assist a charity of their choice. 
There are many different ways to use a cruise in your fundraising efforts, whether it’s through silent auctions, ticket sales, raffles, or promoting a fundraising group. One of the most popular types of groups sailing on today’s cruise ships are those designed around a fundraising theme. If your school, sports team, church group, club or non-profit organization is looking for a different yet fun-filled way to make money, you may want to consider a group cruise for your next fundraiser. With proper planning, and some help from Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo,  your group could raise thousands of dollars while enjoying an unforgettable cruise experience. 
While planning a fundraising cruise is similar to handling other types of group business, there are some unique aspects to this market. First, a review of the fundraising objectives is necessary to determine financial benefits for the group. The next step is to find the right cruise line to suit your organization, keeping in mind that cruise line rates are based upon availability and the time of year you choose to cruise.  

For more information, contact CruiseBuzz Traveling Mom from Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo and we’ll send you a complimentary “Fundraising Cruise Planning Guide.”  Let me know what you think. 

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