Cruise Value Center shame on you

I was as surprised as everyone earlier this week to read that Cruise Value Center failed to open for business. We know that there are many customers that are left in the dark and not able to figure out how to pick up the pieces and move on. We are offering to waive our consulting fee for any customer needing assistance.

If you would like additional help, call us at 888-203-3012 or email to

  1. I hope we find out what really went down there, as this makes precious little sense to me.

    Jeff Kivet was a force of nature at CVC for nearly 14 years. While he’s not the current owner (he is/was actually a part-time employee/consultant after selling it to Travel Holding Entity in late 2007), I understand he is extremely upset with the situation[1] and has folks looking into it[2].

    [1] Cruise Value Center Shuts Door

    [2] Cruise retailer suddenly ceases operations (login required)

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