Cruise ships offer a wide variety of culinary offerings

Celebrity galley tour chef with salad food

One of the pleasures of a cruise vacation is that great food – anything from freshly made pizza to fine gourmet creations – is available on board, often 24 hours a day. However, if you fear gaining five or ten pounds on a cruise, don’t worry. Cruise lines have already joined the trend toward healthier living by adding lighter choices to their menus. In fact, it’s possible to take a cruise and lose the five pounds that have been pestering you since the last holiday season.

 Most cruise ship culinary programs make a point to offer healthy selections, lower in calories and fat, on every menu. You can also request that specific dishes be prepared using methods such as grilling and steaming rather than frying and sautéing.

Some onboard restaurants offer nothing but healthy choices. Celebrity Cruises offers an alternative restaurant called the AquaSpa Cafè, a companion to the cruise line’s fabulous AquaSpas. The AquaSpa Cafè serves light, healthy cuisine daily for breakfast and lunch. Choices include fruit smoothies, crisp salads, seafood and lean meats.

If you decide to enjoy a lunch, evening or midnight buffet, select some healthy items, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, first. Then, you can enjoy a few tastes of richer foods. 
If you’re concerned about taking in too many calories, you can also limit your consumption of alcohol. A cruise is a great time to relax with some cocktails, but remember that liquor is a high-calorie beverage.

In addition, drink plenty of water. This will help you feel full and curb food cravings. As a side benefit, it will also prevent the dehydration that can result from travel.

Whichever cruise line and ship you choose, there are likely to be several options for healthy exercise on board, including a sports deck, swimming pools, yoga studios and fitness centers. With a little enjoyable exercise each day, you should be able to sample the treats on the dessert tray without guilt.

 For more information about cruises with healthy dining options, talk with Cruise Buzz at Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo

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