Cruise Ship Food Battle for the Best

Who has the best food on a cruise ship? The answer will soon be revealed. Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo is conducting a blog poll at the USA TODAY Travel Log and at The World of Bon Appétit forum. It should be interesting to discover what people like about cruise line food. In the early days of cruising the food was always cited as a cruise highlight. Now with ships serving thousands, how on earth can a cruise line appeal to gourmets and the palate challenged masses?

Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo’s Vice-President, Ben Bajak will offer his culinary insight stemming from 20 years as a fine dining Executive Chef. Chef Ben will moderate.

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  1. Food is the number one attraction for most cruisers. Some may argue that destination and accommodations rank high on the list. They are very important, but food is most often the topic of conversation.
    I believe that food, in terms of substance and flavor is only part of the experience on board. There are a host of variables that define how “good” the food is. If you are in a great mood and eat an inferior steak, your comment will probably be that the steak was pretty good. If you are in lousy spirits, that steak would probably be the worst piece of shoe leather that you ever put in your mouth. There are so many things happening on a cruise vacation that your mood and attitude can be easily influenced.
    What if you are in a good mood and what you are served is obviously subpar. By all means send it back and ask for something else. No one will be offended. The staff’s job is to make you happy and they work hard at it. I find that if you order something new and different you will likely enjoy it. This is because you don’t have expectations. If you are used to steak or chicken fixed a certain way and the shipboard kitchen does it differently, you will be disappointed. If you have never had pork tenderloin medallions, you may be amazed how good they are. Be adventurous. I know, I haven’t said who has the best food. Maybe I will another time

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