Cruise Ship Buzz: Welcome MSC Divina

MSC Cruises MSC Divina Christening Party

While the ship was the center of attention, she had some competition from Sophia Loren, her  “godmother” who was stunning.

Godmother Sophia Loren at the naming ceremony.
Sophia Loren takes the stage

Med with Passion

Thanks to the Internet, we can do a lot of things including attending a christening ceremony for a new cruise ship. On Saturday, May 26th, MSC Cruises streamed live from the MSC Divina’s christening ceremony in Marseille, France.

MSC Divina's sister MSC Fantasia stops by to say "hi"


The MSC Divina is a celebration of Mediterranean style.  The theme for the festivities was a celebration of the region.

An international crowd enjoying the festivities.

The crowd, which represented a well-dressed collection of movie stars,  international celebrities, selected guests, media, and the top management of MSC Cruises and online viewers were treated to a great show.


Folk dancers: MSC Cruises pays homage to Marseille and its centuries-old customs like folk dancing.


After the opening aerial display from the Captens Aerobatic Display Team and the Breitling Jet Team, the folk-group La Poulido de Gèmo, preformed regional dances celebrating local traditions of Provence and its traditions. Another highlight was a speech by Gerard Depardieu, who read from what looked like a script. His delivery was great but I wondered why he kept reading from his loose-leaf papers?

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov

I learned about the relationship MSC Cruises has with UNICEF  and their Get on Board for Children initiative, which funds a project for education equality for disadvantaged children in Brazil.  Goodwill Ambassador Maxim Vengerov, a supporter of the joint MSC Cruises and UNICEF program took the stage with local children and release hundreds of UNICEF balloons, and played a violin solo.

The entertainment continued, with a performance from Italian singer, pianist and composer

And then… Sophia

A classic: Sophia Loren.
Ribbon cutting by Sophia.

Sophia Loren cut the ribbon and names MSC Divina to a crescendo of champagne, confetti, and sparkling fountains.


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