Cruise Quiz #1 Recap

Cruise Quiz #1 – Posh Pollywogs

If a little controversy and  mayhem short of fisticuffs means that a pub quiz was a success, then I would say that yesterday’s Cruise Quiz hour on #CruiseChat was a triumph.

Cruise Quiz #1 featuring willing participants who like to tweet at our weekly Twitter party called #CruiseChat had fun answering a series of questions mostly written by our Assistant Quizmaster and Rules Minister John Honeywell (@CaptGreybeard) who joined Quizmaster Carrie Finley-Bajak (@CruiseBuzz) at the helm.

The rules

Here are the other rules:  There are no rules. We don’t have teams (yet) and the point of Cruise Quiz is to have fun tweeting about our cruise industry.


Prize Patrol – Winner!!!! Winner!!!!

Congrats to @LuxTravelAndrea who was the first to answer the Bonus Question. A deck of playing cards from American Cruise Lines is yours to claim.

Q. What is a pollywog? And a shellback?

A. Pollywog is a person crossing the equator for the first time. Shellback is someone who has crossed before.

  • shipsandtrips – A8 – Again, no idea. In Northern California, we don’t throw around titles like “pollywog” or “shellback” unless we mean it.
  • BetLovedHotels:  Is a shellback a cabin boy?
  • LuxTravelAndrea: LOL, I never heard pollywog used that way. I thought it was a frog! I was wondering what the connection was!
  • CareVacations A8: I think a pollywog is a frog and shellback is crossing the #equator, right? Something like that…

The Questions and Answers

Q1. What time is the midnight buffet?
Q2 via @ScottLara: Name one difference on @CelebrityUK Silhouette that wasn’t on Solstice
A2. Grilling experience.

Q3  What is UK cruise line P&O an abbreviation of? #cruisechat

A3. P&O was originally the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company.

Q4 What is the derivation of the word posh? Why?

A4 Port Out, Starboard Home – on line voyages from UK to, e.g. India,  the shaded (cooler) side of the ship on the outward journey was port, and starboard on the return

Q5 What happened to Carnival’s first ship on its maiden voyage?

A5 The ship, Mardi Gras, ran aground while still within sight of Miami

Q6 Is a nautical mile longer than a statute mile, shorter, or the same?

A6  Nautical mile is approx 15 percent longer than statute mile; 10 nautical miles = 11.5077 statute miles.

Distances at sea are measured in nautical miles, and speed in nautical miles per hour, or knots.

Q7 Which #cruise line will you find lectures from Te Mana O Te Moana re efforts to rehabilitate sick and injured sea turtles?

A7. Paul Gauguin Cruises

Q8 Bonus: What is a pollywog? And a shellback?

A8. Pollywog is a person crossing the equator for the first time. Shellback is someone who has crossed before.

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