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Oceania Cruises announces new Tapas menu

Tapa is a Spanish word for “lid.” According to my research, I discovered that the name was given to the little plates that would cover the top of a beer glass preventing flies from going into people’s drinks. Whether that is more Urban Legend than not, it makes for a good explanation for the origin of these tasty bites.

Tapas are a regional cuisine served all day in bars and cafés throughout Spain. Tapas originated in Spain and consists of Spanish cuisines, appetizers and snacks. If you want to learn more about Taps, check out this informative thread on Quora.

Tapas the Oceania Cruises Way

Oceania Cruises is getting in on the Tapas craze and offering their twist on this Spanish fare. 

The following is provided by Oceania Cruises

Epicurious travelers with an appetite for global flavors will rejoice in the introduction of Oceania Cruises’ new evening Tapas Menus. Offered each evening in the Terrace Café, the new menus comprise a distinct and different array of destination-inspired flavors.  Guests can choose from an ever-changing selection of crostini, fruit- and vegetable-based salads, rolls, fresh fish and seafood tapas, crudités and other small dishes artfully presented in tasting spoons and verrines.

With more than five-dozen dishes included in the 14 new menus, bon vivants will enjoy spending a relaxing evening in the Terrace Café, sharing small plates, toasting the day’s memories, engaging in sparkling conversation and sharing the breathtaking vistas all around. The Tapas dishes are available every evening of the cruise, in addition to the Terrace Café’s amazing assortment of starters, soups, salads, main courses, carving station, and desserts.

“Cuisine and the overall dining experience are such integral parts of the Oceania Cruises’ culture and the fabric of the destinations we visit. We are always looking to provide our guests with unexpected moments of surprise and delight,” stated Bob Binder, president and chief executive office of Oceania Cruises.

A Very Personal Endeavor

Developed over the course of a year, these remarkable menus were crafted by Oceania Cruises’ culinary team and their passion for the Spanish tradition of sharing small plates crafted from the freshest ingredients that reflect the vibrancy of the destinations visited. For Culinary Directors Eric Barale and Franck Garanger, along with Senior Executive Chef Alban Gjoka, this was a very personal endeavor.

“The Boqueria market in Barcelona is one of my favorite markets in the world. Whenever I am in town I can spend several hours just walking the stalls and taking in all the scents, colors and flavors. Then I head to my favorite tapas restaurant, Papitu, where I found inspiration in this traditional aspect of Spanish culture which is always made better when shared with friends and family,” added Chef Alban.


Oceania Cruises’ Select Tapas Menu Highlights:

  • – Crostini with bresaola (a very lean Italian air-cured beef aged up to 3 months), gorgonzola and fig compote
  • – Fresh caramelized shrimp with onions and spicy chili sauce presented in a tasting spoon
  • Vegetarian summer rolls with fresh herbs, tofu, rice noodles and a tamarind and peanut sauce
  • Watermelon sweet Thai salad with cashews, fresh herbs, cucumber and sweet chili
  • Heirloom cherry tomato salad with Greek caper leaves
  • Molten cheese soufflé with chive velouté
  • Porcini and forest mushroom timbale with crema di grana padano
  • Homemade vegetarian samosas with raita sauce
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