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Carnival Magic arrives in Venice, Italy. Photo: Carnival Cruise Lines

“If any particular region of the world is best suited for cruising, it’s Europe. Whether you want to tour the Mediterranean or Northern Europe, cruising is the mode of transportation that provides the greatest exposure to destinations while eliminating logistical challenges.” – The Avid Cruiser’s  Ralph Grizzle

When you think of “Europe” where, exactly, does your mind go? Italy, Greece and the med? Spain and Portugal? British Isles? France, Switzerland, Benelux? Eastern Europe? Where is YOUR Europe? – thanks to @ShipsandTrips for posting this on Facebook.

@CruiseStockholm @ShipsandTrips @CrusieLineFans and I are ready to cruise Europe. We are on the hunt for a roundup of hot trends in Europe: best port, easiest airport, getting around, where to stay and what to do.  Sail with us May 3, 2011 at 2pm EST on Twitter.

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What is Cruise Chat? Is there a schedule?

Cal Ford
cruisincal Cal Ford
@CruiseBuzz The typical conversation starts with “Two nights in Rome should be enough” and I just grimace. #cruisechat

Avid Cruiser
avidcruiser Avid Cruiser 

The thing about river cruising is once you start, you get hooked.#cruisechat

Holland America Line
HALcruises Holland America Line
LOL thx! RT @shipsandtrips: @HALcruises IS European, no matter where they sail. Remember, they serve Snert in Alaska! it ROCKS!#cruisechat


Barbara Hartman
CruiseCoaches Barbara Hartman 

River cruising in Europe – Please everybody try it once! – #CruiseChat #Cruise
Sandi McKenna
McMedia Sandi McKenna 

A2: Loved Italy, South of France … but, Greece is on my#BucketList #CruiseChat
Benedict Montgomery
BenMontgomery95 Benedict Montgomery 

I love to sail into Barcelona but I really want to sail into Venice!#CruiseChat
Q3: Tough question – I love @shipsandtrips responses, want to party w/ @Meetoncruise & value @CruiseBuzz. But there R so many! #cruisechat
@PortholeCruise Amsterdam is my European favorite city I’ve been to by far. There’s just so much to see! and experience! #cruisechat
Holland America Line
HALcruises Holland America Line 

Q2. Tallinn, Estonia=hidden treasure, great 4 picturesque #photos & early #holiday shopping for wonderful sweaters/handicrafts.#cruisechat
Windstar Cruises
WindstarCruises Windstar Cruises
@cruiselinefans @paulgauguin TY for the kind tweet. We’re excited to be here & chat with so many wonderful cruise enthusiasts!#cruisechat
FCCAupdates FCCA 

Official hashtag for the #FCCA Central America Cruise Conference:#CACC2011 #cruisechat – Kicks off tomorrow May 4th!
Cruise Stockholm
cruisestockholm Cruise Stockholm
Your @halcruises ships will be in Stockholm 13 times this #cruiseseason. #cruisechat

Ships and Trips Trav
shipsandtrips Ships and Trips Trav
A4: I’ve done 2 cruises in Europe – @HALcruises and @SeabournCruise . Loved them! But that was BK (b4 kid).


Clarice MacGarvey
CruiseSmart Clarice MacGarvey 

Love the timeless sense of history, the art, beauty of the architecture….what’s not to love. #cruisechat
Renata Grant
CruiseDivas Renata Grant 

Italy is always a great place to stop on a #cruise – the sites, food and wine are amazing! #cruisechat
Barbara Hartman
CruiseCoaches Barbara Hartman 

Looking forward to our next European #RiverCruise#CruiseChat
Ships and Trips Trav
shipsandtrips Ships and Trips Trav
@BargeConnection You had me at wine and cheese… *makes Homer Simpson drooling sounds* #cruisechat
Barge Connection
BargeConnection Barge Connection 

A2: Burgundy – can you tell 😉 Luv outdoor markets, enjoying regional recipes. It’s such a unique cruise & culinary experience!#cruisechat
Karin Muller
KarinMuller Karin Muller
@HALcruises Barcelona! Coming June with the Noordam. Uhoh… and excursion to Pompeii! #Europe #CruiseChat
Ships and Trips Trav
shipsandtrips Ships and Trips Trav 

#cruisechat A1: I’ve made no secret about my love affair with France. Wanna do the Paris-Normandy river cruise on @AMAWaterways !

Cruise Buzz


CruiseBuzz Cruise Buzz 

Actually I should mention that today’s topic is inspired by#CarnivalMagic, she is full of our #cruisechat #cruise crew peeps in Europe.
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