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What is your favorite cruise destination?

Sailing away on Holland America Line in the Sea of Cortez

When I was younger I babysat a lot on Saturday nights. After I put my charges away, I would always watch Love Boat.  This is perhaps the reason why I love cruising so much.  Is it just me or was life simpler in the old days?

To me there was the Mexican Riviera and a few ports south of Puerto Vallarta. After all, those were the mainstays of the popular TV show. Fast forward to 2011 and look at the great places we can cruise.

Todays’ #CruiseChat, our weekly cruise travel chat on Twitter, is all about cruise destinations.

We have just a couple of questions, everything else will be developed during the course of the hour.

Here from our Avid Cruiser Facebook page

Avid Cruiser Which cruise line serves up destinations the best? Azamara, for example, visits smaller ports and stays overnight in some ports. But which cruise line in your opinion gives destinations the best treatment?

Aaron Mase In case I don’t make #CruiseChat – What characteristics do you look for in a perfect cruise destination – sand & surf, nature, history.
From CruisesForLess – Question suggestion: which port would you most like to overnight in, and why?

I am interested in learning what you have to say about your favorite cruise destinations. I have already announced that I am going to Asia tomorrow, and that I have dedicated 2011 to European cruising.  So you can probably guess what I will be tweeting about.

More later….


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