Social Media and cruising

Although it is not an easy task, those of us that participated on today’s cruise chat covered a broad topic: social media. Thanks to all those that participated.

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440 tweets generated 1,863,125 impressions, reaching an audience of 165,386 followers within the past 24 hours.

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  1. cruisebuzz: 644,259
  2. orlandochris: 373,520
  3. cruiselinefans: 284,886
  4. buycruises: 88,682
  5. cruiseradio: 77,715
  6. richtucker: 57,000
  7. rickgriffin: 50,860
  8. lorimoreno: 48,617
  9. roritravel: 45,304
  10. traveldesigned: 30,372
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  1. cruisebuzz: 77
  2. cruiselinefans: 57
  3. orlandochris: 46
  4. cruiseradio: 33
  5. cruiseman3000: 30
  6. buycruises: 29
  7. richtucker: 24
  8. cruisesforless: 22
  9. cruisegle: 21
  10. theflaggagency: 16
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  1. lorimoreno: 48,617
  2. rickgriffin: 25,430
  3. princesscruises: 12,100
  4. mcmedia: 9,500
  5. cruisebuzz: 8,367
  6. orlandochris: 8,120
  7. roritravel: 6,472
  8. traveldesigned: 5,062
  9. halcruises: 5,031
  10. cruiselinefans: 4,998

Some tweets from the chat

  • traveldesigned's avatar I have ALWAYS thought @buycruises posts prices in a unique and fun way! #CruiseChat
  • jameyo's avatarLurking on #cruisechat hoping to pick up a pointer, a tip or a trip! lol
  • TheTravelHouse's avatarAbsolutely! RT @cruisegle@CruiseBuzzHootsuite and Tweetdeck etc makes running accounts easier#CruiseChat
  • PrincessCruises's avatar Many thanks for all of the nice comments about our social media efforts! #cruisechat
  • HALcruises's avatar @CruiseBuzz thx for the invite! just cking it out, interesting info, opinions and new people to know of.#cruisechat
  • RickGriffin's avatarRT @cruisebuzz: I will say that@PrincessCruises and their #followmeatsea was amazing and they are always supportive. #cruisechat <AMEN!
  • CruisesForLess's avatar @CruiseBuzz So many airlines are doing SM right @SouthwestAir@JetBlue and others #cruisechat
  • McMedia's avatarVery fun & engaging RT @RichTucker:@CarnivalCruise ~John Healds Blog~It doesn’t get any more engaging + their Funville Forums #CruiseChat
  • traveldesigned's avatar #Cruisechat is in progress –join the conversation!
  • cruiseradio's avatarRT @OrlandoChris A3. gotta give kudos to John Heald and @CarnivalCruise #cruisechat He’s very consistent
  • scottlara1961's avatar@cruiseradio Holland America, RC and Celebrity #cruisechat
  • cruisegle's avatar@CruiseBuzz #CruiseChat If you set up social networks via the dashboard you can then add your site feed to hootsuite and ping feed
  • theflaggagency's avatar @CruiseBuzz A2 @NCLFreestyle@HALCruises and @PrincessCruises are the queens of social media and @NCLAndy is one of best #cruise #cruisechat
  • buycruises's avatar Gee Thanks RT @CruiseLineFans@RichTucker You both provide excellent examples of this. Every post considers the audience first. #cruisechat
  • CruisesForLess's avatar#cruisechat Would love to #blog everyday, but time just doesn’t permit. Twitter is quick & our FB page does well for the effort put into it
  • CruiseMan3000's avatar@CruiseBuzz Social media in the #Cruise Biz is using networks 2 better reach consumers. Advertise Promos & Accident updates #CruiseChat
  • CruiseLineFans's avatar@buycruises @RichTucker You both provide excellent examples of this. Every post considers the audience first.#cruisechat
  • cruiseradio's avatar @roritravel i really think it’s building other brands. More community like. I always check in on ships/ports. At home, no. #cruisechat
  • cruisebuzz's avatarIt looks like we all have various reasons and programs that we like to round out our social media strategy.#cruisechat
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