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Gene is back at USA TODAY Cruise Log, and he has been busy posting topics. There is a good variety of topics today, below are Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo’s comments about the threads. Click on the topic links to find ot mor.

Alaska and wastewater:
The real question is how much wastewater should a cruise line discharge? The ocean is smaller than we thought and with all the cruise ships around the globe carting thousands of people and their waste products, we are in need of some serious restrictions. Building ships the size of small communities is going to have ramifications. We are disrupting fragile ecosystems and then consuming the fish that are feeding off the waste. Yuck.

Cruise Ship Weddings:
Not just a good idea but a GREAT idea. I am a certified destination wedding specialist and my customers are relieved to know that the ships offer packages for everyone. Cruise ships have one-stop shopping for ease of planning and wedding amenities. Be the bride that enjoys the wedding; not the psycho, over budget basket case so many of us turn into (ok that was me, probably not you.) The reason the statistics show an increase is that destination weddings are easy, affordable, incredible romantic, and offer a unique venue to celebrate the big day.
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A new neighborhood on Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean has a lot of cabins to sell. I guess with their super-sized communities at sea they are interested in creating the “hip and trendy neighborhoods.” We go on vacation to get away from this type of materialism. How can I justify the upgrade to a client? “Consider upgrading, you will have the best. Your regular cabin is just not good enough anymore.”

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