Best of Star Clippers Cruise Chat Recap

Star Clippers sails into the sunset leaving behind a wake of good times

The biggest surprise for me was realizing that I really can’t wait to go sailing on Star Clippers‘ Royal Clipper. When I was selling cruises I did not know enough about Star Clippers. Now that I write about cruising, I am glad to have the chance to learn about this adventure cruise company.

Here is the photo of the day and the captions that the cruise crew tweeted.  Thanks everyone for stopping by #CruiseChat.

Caption This! What caption would you write for this photo

It seems like  ShipsAndTripsTravel shipsandtrips really enjoyed this question, her answers flooded the stream as she outdid herself with responses.
Jersey Shore, season 7, at sea. “Hey J-WOW! Snookie just fell overboard!”
  • A8: “This is the LAST time I book my cruise with cheapiecruisedotcom!”
  • “Dude. I can totally see your house from here.”
  • “Cannonball!”
  • “Is the art auction up here? “
  • “I don’t remember doing this on last Festivus Day. Is it time for the Feats of Strength yet?”
Shon Ford
Robin W. Smith
  • robinwsmith Robin W. Smith.  A8 – How many sailors does it take to secure a sail???
Kaleigh Lay
  • CruizeCast Kaleigh Lay:  A8 Where does the buffet line start?
Cruises For Less
  • CruisesForLess Cruises For Less: A8: “They said this was the way to the buffet but now I’m not so sure”
  • CareVacations CareVacations:  A8: I thought there was a bar up here?
Porthole Magazine
  • PortholeCruise Porthole Magazine:  “Damn. I knew I shouldn’t have had that fourth beer.”
Stephanie Diehl

The Questions

  • Q1:  Have you ever been on a Star Clippers sailing experience? When? Where?
  • Q2: Fill in the blank. The only thing better than a relaxing vacation is ____.
  • Q3: What is the first thing you do when you board a cruise ship for vacation?
  • Q4: Pop Quiz. Which famous German vessel is Royal Clippers’ design modeled after?
  • Q5: Would you climb the mast and relax in the bowsprit net on your @StarClippers #cruise? Why or why not?
  • Q6: What is the best advice you’d give to a first-time Star Clippers guest? #cruisechat
  • Q7: If you could take the helm of one of our tall ships, where would you go? Why? #cruisechat

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More Favorites
@CruiseBuzz @starclippers not your average cruise.:)
FreshCruiser (Abby)
FreshCruiser FreshCruiser (Abby) 

A8 Getting ready for crew vs guest tug-a-war! RT Q8 @CruiseBuzz@StarClippers photo
shipsandtrips ShipsAndTripsTravel 

A8: “No, honey. I don’t see your keys, wallet and cell phone up here, either…”
Porthole Magazine
PortholeCruise Porthole Magazine 

A7: I’d steer @starclippers to quaint New England ports for a summertime or fall foliage #cruise
Scott Anderson
LuxuryCruiseCo Scott Anderson 

RT @cruisebuzz#cruisechat cheat sheet for Star… Thats brilliant – thks Carrie X
Star Clippers
starclippers Star Clippers 

Here’s a photo of guests climbing up to the crow’s nest on board Royal Clipper!! #cruisechat
Stephanie Diehl
TravelDesigned Stephanie Diehl 

I HAVE to make my nesty….unpack and get everything in it’s place so I feel at home
Shon Ford
CruiseMan3000 Shon Ford 

@@CruiseBuzz No I have not–is @StarClippers along the lines of @WindstarCruises? I heard they let pax steer the ship? True? #CruiseChat
shipsandtrips ShipsAndTripsTravel 

#cruisechat A1: I did a @starclippers cruise in the Caribbean but it’s been about 10 years…before the kid. Hub and I LOVED it!
Kidventurous Kidventurous 

Q1. I’ve not but dying to know where they sail, and whether they’re good for kids.
Christina Saull
MiddleSeatView Christina Saull 

A1 Unfortunately not, but I’d love to sail on a tall ship one day! #cruisechat
Star Clippers
starclippers Star Clippers 

Welcome to #CruiseChat! Today we’re talking about our tall ships, exciting ports of call, niche cruising and so much more!!
Cruises For Less
CruisesForLess Cruises For Less 

Join in the fastest hour on Twitter in 10 mins! RT @CruiseBuzz: What’s in the #CruiseChat Spotlight? Find out here:
Stephanie Diehl
TravelDesigned Stephanie Diehl 

Looks ROMANTIC! RT @CruiseBuzz: What’s in the #CruiseChatSpotlight? Find out here:
CareVacations CareVacations 

Can’t wait! Always a fun time! RT @CruiseBuzz: Photo: Come sail away with #CruiseChat 2pm EST
Star Clippers
starclippers Star Clippers 

We’re gearing up to co-host our very first #CruiseChat with @CruiseBuzz, this Tues 2pm EST! Hope to see you all there!
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