Azamara Quest – Reimagined

Azamara Quest Dry Dock

Diary of a cruise ship refurbishment. Special Report: Dry dock photos and highlights  curated  from Larry Pimentel’s Twitter account (@LarryPimentel).

“The new reimagined Azamara is better than my wildest imagination and I believe you will feel the same. The guests response is brilliant.” Larry Pimentel exclusive to Cruise Buzz.

First of all, congrats to Azamara for undergoing the massive transformation to refurbish the ships in their fleet. Although there are only two ships, the project is complete and the results are stunning. In fact, if you are not aware, Azamara has earned quite a reputation for delivering fabulous onshore experiences as well as a dedicated crew that delivers high service standards indicative of any luxury cruise ship – the new beautification and modernization projects onboard are just an added bonus.

I took to Twitter and followed along while Azamara Club Cruises CEO posted updates recently from Azamara Quest. I was so impressed with his digital storytelling that I wanted to capture the moments here on Cruise Buzz, especially since I was able to see a prototype of one of the cabins last July while cruising on Azamara Quest in Europe (see that story by clicking here).

Azamara Quest – Reimagined

Amazing new interiors

Azamara Quest 15

New spa suites - a first for Azamara.

Azamara Quest 13 Azamara Quest 11 Azamara Quest 6 Azamara Quest 4
Azamara Quest #1

Azamara Quest 2 Azamara Quest 3
Azamara Quest 7 Azamara Quest 8 Azamara Quest 10 Azamara Quest 12 Azamara Quest 14

Azamara Quest 17
Azamara Quest 19

Azamara Quest 18


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