Azamara 3DI

Azamara 3DI virtual reality video experiential series

Azamara Club Cruises launches 360-degree virtual reality destination experiences using Oculus Rift technology to assist guests with vacation planning. Destination immersion takes on a new meaning today as Azamara Club Cruises launches the first of a series of 360-degree virtual reality experiences – Azamara 3DI.  Using Oculus Rift technology, the cruise line offers guests an opportunity to experience their upcoming cruise vacation virtually.

Azamara 3Di
Azamara 3Di

 3DI videos bring loyal and future guests as close to “being there” as possible

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“Committed to Destination Immersion by ensuring guests have longer stays in port, more overnights and night touring on all voyages, we continue to redefine the luxury cruise experience for the next generation,” says Larry Pimentel, President and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises.


The new virtual reality experiences featured on  can be easily shared on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) to enable Azamara’s community of frequent and new cruisers to join the conversation. On the heels of launching its new brand campaign boasting the line’s first ever TV commercials, Azamara 3DI upholds its commitment to helping guests discover destinations via authentic, local, and in most cases exclusive, experiences in each country and port of call visited. 

About Total Cinema 360

Total Cinema 360 is a full-service production studio and software development company specializing in virtual reality and spherical 360-degree audio-video content.  

Source: Azamara Club Cruises

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