Art Walk on Symphony of the Seas

9 Coolest Art Pieces on Symphony of the Seas Royal Caribbean

The #art onboard Symphony of the Seas is curated to match the bold and imaginative spirit of the world’s largest cruise ship. The collection is themed “The Wonder of Our World, a Journey into the Unimaginable.” There are 13,347 contemporary works of art, from text-based pieces to immersive multimedia installations. For more information about Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas art installations are definitely engaging and you and the family will love to explore the ship to experience the collections. There are 13,347 contemporary works, from text based pieces to immersive multimedia installations. The art collection on Symphony of the Seas embodies the theme, “The Wonder of Our World, a Journey into the Unimaginable,” and invites guests into the unexpected with a wide array of dreamy, imaginative wonders that are conceptually intriguing, unexpected and aesthetically offbeat. A selection of key art pieces onboard guests won’t want to miss include:

Royal Promenade:

  • Paradox Void (Gregor Kregar, New Zealand) – Upon boarding the ship on the Royal Promenade, guests are welcomed by a monumental kaleidoscopic maze of mirror and colored lights. This massive stainless steel sculpture is comprised of 1,200 mirrored stainless steel triangles and 200 sections of LED light strips. The piece invites guests to interact with it via seating elements incorporated inside of the actual sculpture.
  • Sound Shell (Daniel Canogar, Spain) – Inspired by the spiraling shape of seashells, the Sound Shell is an interactive sculpture that activates when inhabited to provide an intimate, rich audiovisual experience composed of unique soundscapes and soothing light therapy.

Elevator Lift Artwork:

  • Imagine (Norbert Brunner, Austria) – Highlighting Earth’s microscopic beauty, the suspended installation features 19 inflatable multi-layered acrylic bubbles — 10 bubbles containing 120 images each, nine bubbles feature 20,000 hand-glued Swarovski crystals spelling out different words, and one bubble presents video footage on an LED panel. All the beautifully detailed images cascade down, encompassing the ship’s forward elevator banks.
  • Kites (Marcelo Jacome, Brazil) – The colorful fabric installation comprised of 2,200 kites dazzle guests with an abstract rainbow-like experience. The subjective piece allows for each spectator to visually interact with it and expand their imagination for an intriguing journey in the aft elevators.


  • Big Wonder (SOFTlab, USA) – The Solarium is transformed on Symphony, with an architecturally integrated installation created from thousands of acrylic elements, containing 3,820 facets. The location-specific sculpture spans an area of 2,594 square feet providing transformative sensorial experience, and an awe-inspiring engineering feat exploring the concept of infinite space.


  • Drier-Wig (dEMO, Spain) – One of the best photo-ops onboard, the out-of-the-ordinary, motion-activated piece was created for guest’s enjoyment; a purple wig emits music when guests step beneath it to wear it.

Pool Deck:

  • Deep Divers (dEMO, Spain) – These whimsical diver sculptures will surprise and amaze guests throughout the ship, adding to the sense of adventure and wonder onboard. Divers are found climbing up the Rock Wall, mingling with guests on the pool decks and popping up in other surprising spots throughout the ship.

Casino Hallway:

  • Crystal Hallway (John Breed, The Netherlands) – Inspired by the mesmerizing, real-life “Cave of the Crystals” found in Mexico, this piece can be found as guests walk from the Entertainment Place to the Casino. Iridescent, crystalline sculptures guide the way, surrounded by highly reflective, silver-plated panels, all mimicking the beauty of the natural sparkling chamber.

 Vitality Spa and Fitness:

  • Invisible Wizard (Siebren Versteeg, USA) – Guests will get lost in the magic and beauty of this ever-changing, computer-coded generative painting. Located in the Spa entry, special algorithms continuously render paint strokes; this digitally created painting literally transforms before one’s eyes.

 Stair Towers:

  • As guests journey through the deck’s stairwells, they are able to explore the heart of the ship’s eclectic art collection, with photography, paintings, collages, drawings and more. Highlights include sculptural paintings by Spanish artist, Nuria Mora; out-of-the-ordinary immersive narrative landings by Indian artist, Suraj Kumar; and an adventure in murals by British artist, Alexandra Gallagher.  
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