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Do you remember Are You Being Served? the British sitcom from the 70’s? Besides being funny, the show highlighted some of the finer points of service: anticipating the needs of customers being the top priority.

While most of the cruise lines don’t broadcast this show, I can say that when I am cruising my expectations have been exceeded more times than not.

This week there have been a couple of cases where I noticed exceptional service through the posts of some of the people I was following in the Buzz Booth.

ake Ralph Grizzle, our local Avid Cruiser, who raved about service on his Silversea cruise, as an example. On his latest cruise he raved about service:  On Silversea: Exemplifying The Essence Of Luxury Cruising, Ralph captured the spirit of the relationship between cruiser and cruise line; I also like the mention of a Whirling Dervish and the paragraph about how the Silver Spirit staff greeted guests at the gangway after a long day of exploring a port in Egypt.

Professional, unobtrusive service by the Indonesian and Filipino staff is a fleet-wide standard on Holland America Line.

Then there was Arron Saunders, From The Deck Chair who recounted his “aha” moment regarding a thoughtful butler that had his shoes shined without even being asked. Read the story here.

These luxury cruise moments captured by Ralph and Aaron might be “business as usual” on Silversea but I have seen this level of service elsewhere: on other cruise lines and while traveling in general.

Let’s celebrate the unsung heros that have helped us have trips-of-a-lifetime.

We have all had our “aha” moment when our expectations were exceeded because of the thoughtful actions of another. When was yours? Post  on our Facebook and help us write the questions.

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