A Day on an Adventure Cruise with Silver Explorer

Discover Andoyane and Monacobreen

Day 7 – June 27, 2015


During the morning Silver Explorer anchored in Andoyane, Svalbard.

The small islands of the area are home to numerous sea and land birds. During the morning we took Zodiac boats out to explore the little islands. It was rainy but that did not deter eager passengers from setting out on the launches for a one-hour exploration of the beautiful coastal plain that is indicative of the varied fjord-area at Spitsbergen’s north coast.

mud room
This is where Silver Explorer guests put on their waterproof gear.


Looking for wildlife, Polar Plunge, High Tea, and Adobo Chicken

Upon returning from the exploration, lunch was waiting. I choose fresh pasta and a hand-tossed salad. Desserts were artfully displayed and almost to beautiful to eat. I was (trying) to save my appetite for afternoon tea, which is a great way to warm up during a cold day.

After lunch Silver Explorer cruised inside the Nordvest-Spitsbergen National Park, which  is located on the Norwegian arctic archipelago of Svalbard.  The area reminded me of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska, but on a much larger scale. The mountains on either side of the wide fjord got more dramatic along the way.

Looking for wildlife

Conditions were perfect for a wildlife sighting: especially for polar bears. There was plenty of fast ice and ample space for marine animals to feast off nutrients

We were to disembark the ship to explore the glacier but there was a lot of ice in the water. Instead we stayed on Silver Explorer and observed the glaciers and waited patiently for wildlife. There were quite a few seals on the ice and for the guests, we got a chance to take a polar plunge. About 14 people (crew and passengers) went out onto a tethered Zodiac to jump into the freezing water. I was very impressed by anyone that was brave enough to don his or her outer garments to jump into the near-freezing Arctic waters. In case you are wondering, no, I did not take the challenge. Instead I had a glass of Champagne and took photos.

Perfect conditions to find a polar bear or two
Perfect conditions to find a polar bear or two
Ice in the wake
A view from the wake of Silver Explorer.

BRRRRR – Guests take the challenge and jump into the cold water. Lucky for them the ship’s photographer was standing by to record the moment.


High Tea – Silversea Tradition

Silversea offers High Tea every afternoon and it was enjoyed by many guests.

High Tea takes place in the Panorama Lounge every afternoon tea at 4:00 pm. Relaxing and viewing the Arctic Theater while listening to the soothing sounds of a live piano performance is not to be missed. Perhaps my biggest tip is to save some room for dinner, because after a day engaged in the Polar Expedition plus a great lunch plus High Tea is enough to satisfy.

Waitstaff circulate between tables adorned with crisp linens, fine china and three-tiered trays displaying an assortment of finger sandwiches, miniature pastries, cakes and cookies. Emilio (in the photo below) graciously served pots of steaming hot water, selected teas, and freshly baked scones with clotted cream and a variety of jams.

High tea a great way to warm up after a rainy day
High tea a great way to warm up after a rainy day. Emilio is always happy to make a suggestion.
High tea on Silver Explorer
Kerwin serves up treats and a smile on Silver Explorer.

Adobo Chicken in Suite 701

In the evening, our butler Romeo served us a delicious Adobo Chicken and garlic rice specially prepared for my expedition mate Heike and me. My compliments to the chef and our butler who accommodated our special request (#delish).

Butler Romeo serves up special request: Adobo Chicken.
Butler Romeo serves up special request: Adobo Chicken.

Adobo chicken
Adobo chicken

A note to those that don’t know… Most cruise lines will go out of their way to help guests create unique experiences. According to Romeo, all you have to do is “say the magic words.” I said “please” and then asked for Adobo Chicken. The end result was unique and definitely not out of the skillset of the talented galley crew.

Voyage: At-A-Glance

7 days of expedition cruising around Svalbard and Bear Island enroute to Tromso, Norway.

  • Day 1- Arrival from Oslo via chartered flight to Svalbard
  • Day 2 – 8 Expedition cruising and exploration of Svalbard
  • Day 9 Cruise & Explore Bear Island, Norway
  • Day 10 Tromso, Norway

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