(Video): Be a Hotel Director on a Ship for a Day

A Day in the Life of a Royal Caribbean Hotel Director

“Preparing for a Smooth Sailing: A Day in the Life of a Royal Caribbean Hotel Director.” The hotel director on Royal Caribbean sees to every detail that impacts the guest experience. Watch as Hotel Director, Gary Davies, gives a behind-the-scenes look at managing the day-to-day operations onboard Anthem of the Seas to ensure a memorable vacation for guests.

What does a hotel director on a ship do?

Being a hotel manager on a ship is a 24-hour a day job (not really but the best ones are always on duty to ensure quality and to exceed guests’ expectations). This person is responsible for the entire hotel department on-board. You will usually see the hotel director walking around the ship engaging with the crew, staff and cruise passengers. He or she is always observing what is happening on the ship.

After meetings, paperwork, and quality-control-rounds, the hotel manager can take a break, especially if the guests are enjoying a day in port. From sunrise to well after the sun sets, a hotel manager is always working. This high-energy person can make or break the vibe on a ship. So next time you are on a ship, be on the lookout for the hotel manager and

Of course, each day is a little different and often brings different issues for me to deal with, and when least expected a never before experienced situation comes up and I have to deal with it in the best way possible.



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