Coral Princess Day 9 Alaska

Welcome to Juneau

Rain greets us in Juneau. But as the saying goes, it takes both sun and rain to make a rainbow.  It makes me ponder the gold rush and the hearty environment that greeted the gold prospectors.

Besides the history of Juneau, the landscape is amazing; mountains, streams, waterfalls, and wildlife are abundant.  Princess Cruises offers many ways to enjoy the area through an extensive shore excursion menu and many onboard enrichment programs.

Thanks to Princess Cruises, I have elected to experience southeast Alaska’s abundant wildlife by land and by sea on Alaska’s Whales & Rainforest Trails eco-tour.

Whale sightings are guaranteed on this unique outing combining marine exploration with a gentle hike on a lush rainforest trail.

Upon return, there are plenty of choices to select from to keep me busy.  I am especially excited for the onboard visit of Iditarod Champion Libby Riddles who will speak about “Sled Dogs and Adventure.”

Libby Riddles, the 1985 Iditarod sled dog race champion and the first woman ever to win the famous Anchorage to Nome trek, will be onboard for her ninth Alaska season.  Riddles has become a Princess favorite, enthralling passengers with exploits from her days as a musher.  In her exclusive appearances for Princess, Riddles joins each of the line’s Alaska ships during its call in Juneau.  Taking passengers behind the scenes into the world of dog mushing, she shares her Iditarod experiences while describing what it’s like to live in a native Inupiat village near Nome.  Riddles’ approximately hour-long presentations are held aboard the ship in the afternoon, followed by an opportunity for passengers to ask questions, get autographed copies of her books or pose with her for photos.

The Alaska cruise experience is definitely all about the history, people, and the landscape. Each day we have been greeted with breathtaking views and an onboard program designed to maximize our Alaskan cruise.

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  2. Too bad it’s raining there but at least you get to some fun stuff. Libby Riddles was our very first camp manager on the Mendenhall Glacier in 1999. She gives a great talk! Enjoy!

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  4. RT @CruiseBuzz: [New Post] Day 9 Princess Cruises #FollowMeAtSea Alaska cruise on Coral Princess –

  5. I love it! Who couls ask for anything more .. After Following You At Sea I have a yearning for an Alaskan Adventure all my own!

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  8. Do you know anything about or can you speak to the TAKU Lodge and Wings seaplane ride excursion? Family of seven considering doing that excursion in Juneau in two weeks. Many thanks for any comments. Haven’t signed up for any excursions yet. So many to pick from!

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