London and Paris pre or post cruise options

Welcome to #CruiseChat – a look at what to do in London or Paris during a pre or post Europe cruise adventure

London - full of fun!

Vendor spotlight: Europe Express with@KierMatthews

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Time: 11:00 am pst. 1 hour.  Tuesday October 26, 2010

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Topic:  Pre and post Europe cruise options
Q1. Have you cruised in Europe before? #CruiseChat
Q2. What did you like about your European cruise  #CruiseChat
Q3. How can @EuropeExpress make a European cruise easier #CruiseChat
Q4. What is the value of booking a pre or post package with @EuropeExpress #CruiseChat
Q5. What is your favorite city in Europe to cruise from?  #CruiseChat
Q6. How can I learn more about ports in Europe? #CruiseChat
Q7. Top 3 things to bring to Europe  #CruiseChat
Charming cafe in Paris
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Why cruise in Europe?

For Port Profiles, Shore Excursions and What To Do In England, click on the destinations below.

For Port Profiles, Shore Excursions and What To Do In France

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      1. @cruiselinefans Tell me about what the boards buzz about when talking about pre/post Europe cruise products #cruisechat

          1. @cruiselinefans It’s nice to be able to see what other people are buzzing about before a cruise. #cruisechat

          2. @cruiselinefans What is your favorite place to pre or post in Europe? #cruisechat

          3. @CruiseBuzz London, everytime. #cruisechat I’m so glad to have been introduced to @EuropeExpress via #cruisechat

        1. @CruiseBuzz Pre and Post transport logistics, hotels and public transport always hot topics for US members. #cruisechat

          1. @cruiselinefans Those transport logistics are a no brainer when using @EuropeExpress. #cruisechat

    1. @CruiseBuzz Can you believe I’ve never been on a cruise? I have a mental block or something…#cruisechat

    2. RT @CruiseBuzz: [New Post] Get ready for #CruiseChat. London and Paris pre or post cruise options #CruiseChat Europe Express – http://bi

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