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Cruise reviews and information about ships, ports, and people. Discover the wonderful world of cruising and find out what cruise buzz is happening.  Discover what is trending on the ships and from the ports. Cruise news and reviews about cruise ships and travel destinations.

Azamara Quest in Kusadasi
Azamara Quest in Kusadasi, Turkey

One of our goals is to report live from the ships to share information about the overall cruise experience. At the epicenter of all stories is the quest to decipher fact from fiction. Through our live voyage updates, we are able to take readers along on the cruise.

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One of the most iconic beaches in the world.
Mykonos Island, Greece.

We spend a lot of time curating the best cruise related content from social media and from the supplier’s websites.

This blog originally started as a tool for me to connect with my customers from Cruise Holidays. Then it morphed as a tool to serve my social networking endeavors while I reached a large audience of enthusiastic cruisers. Always one to remain agile, Cruise Buzz is constantly undergoing changes to remain relevant while creating opportunities to connect with people.

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