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Japan earthquake aftermath

The Golden Pavilion – Rokuon-Ji Temple, located in Kyoto, Japan

For those of you that recall, I was just in China, Russia and Japan on a 12 day cruise with Princess Cruises. I got home a couple days before the earthquake. One of the contacts that I made in Japan was the Hoshinoya hotel in Kyoto.

I wanted to share this email that I recevied from my contact at the property as it gives a first-hand account of what is happening now in Japan.

A greeting from HOSHINOYA Kyoto and HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, Japan.

We have received many wishes from all over the world. Thank you for your concern and wishes for the disaster in Japan.

As you know, Japan is having the “hardest time since after the World War II” as Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan put.

As the search for survivors and victims continues, people of Japan are united and trying to help each other.

General news such as the battle to control the damaged nuclear power plant is on CNN every minute. So I would like to send you updates in a little different areas.


As of March 15, 2011

1. Tsunami Now: All tsunami warnings along Japanese coasts were cancelled.


2. Earthquake Now: There was a magnitude 4.1 earthquake in Tokyo area yesterday. But it had been forecasted with an intensity of magnitude 7 so it was a relief for the people in the region.


3. Blackout Now: Kanto Area including Tokyo and Yokohama will have rotating blackouts for a while to save energy. Each area is expected to have a blackout for about 4 hours a day until March 18 but it may change or cancel. The hardest part is to organize the ever complicated multiple train schedules. Blackouts or some kind of energy saving measure is expected to continue till the end of April.


4. Transportations Now:

-Bullet Train Line to Tohoku Region (affected areas) was reopened partially.

-Bullet Train from Tokyo to Kyoto: 12 trains are cancelled today. It is not because of the energy shortage but operator shortage due to the difficulty in commuting.

-Bullet Train from Tokyo to Nagano: Normal operation.

-Narita Express from Narita Airport to Tokyo: Not in operation

-Limousine bus from Narita to Tokyo: Normal operation

-Narita Airport: Open

-Kansai Airport: Open

-Highways in Tokyo region, to Karuizawa, to Kyoto: Open


5. People Now: People as well as business in other parts of Japan have begun conserving energy voluntarily by lighting the minimum necessary lights or turn it off earlier than normal, etc. Although people’s favorite rice balls and sandwiches at delis are short in Tokyo, everyone is patient because they know that all those foods should be shipped to the affected areas first. There is no looting reported in the disaster areas. People there are buying or being provided the allowed amount of food orderly. There were, however, some confusions at some stations in Tokyo area due to the cancelled trains for the blackout. Some people had to take cabs or even walk home. But overall, people in Japan seem to understand it is not the time to complain but determine to fight through this hardship together as they did after WWII.


6. HOSHINOYA Now: Both HOSHINOYA Kyoto and HOSHINOYA Karuizawa have not been affected and operating as usual. Both properties are far from the affected areas as well as the troubled nuclear power plants. Some guests even extended the stay to pass the first few days of chaos. Many began conserving energy but luckily HOSHINOYA Karuizawa doesn’t need to worry about this part because it is always 75% self sufficient on energy consumption.


The difficult time may last for a while. But Japanese are diligent and hard workers. We believe the country and people will do their best for quick recovery.

We will appreciate your continuous support. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Yuki Olsen

Hoshino Resort


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