Day 6 Princess Cruises #FollowMeAtSea Coral Princess

The journey continues. What a day we had getting to the Coral Princess so we can greet Day 6.

A wonderful stop at an Alaskan homesteader’s property for story and a tour of the grounds was followed by a stop in Talkeetna, Alaska.  After a quick stroll through Talkeetna, our group headed to the train in Whittier.

The embarkation process for the ship was great.  The train ride, although long, was very fun. The scenery was spectacular and the mounting anticipation of seeing our ship grew with each hour of the day.

Seeing the Coral Princess was a thrill.  The perfect size ship, the Coral Princess stood ready to greet cruisers.  The embarkation process, like everything we have done so far, was well planned and perfectly executed.

Today we are ready for the Ultimate Ship’s Tour, a four hour behind the scenes tour of the ship.  Upon completion of the the ship’s tour I plan on enjoyiong the Scholarship@Sea courses and, of coarse, scenic cruising in Glacier Bay.

This is a Princess Cruises hosted trip.

Carrie Finley

Carrie is ready to explore, discover, and share the wonderful world of cruise travel. My goal is to report live from the ships sharing information about the overall experience under my Blogger-at-Large series. You will find information about cruise ships and places near the sea. Explore what’s buzzing at the cruise lines and gain insight into the world of cruising. Make sure to connect with Carrie via social media outlets including Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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