Cruise Activity Book

Cruise Activity Book for Kids

What’s Included:

  • Packing checklist for a family of 4 going on a cruise
  • |Cruise ship scavenger hunt and bingo games
  • Puzzles and mazes themed around cruise ship activities
  • Coloring pages featuring cruise ship illustrations
  • Journaling pages for kids to write about their cruise experiences
  • Cruise trivia and fun facts to learn about life at sea
  • How to read a cruise ship deck plan
  • Tips and advice for kids on what to expect on a cruise vacation

Items a Family of 4 Needs for a Cruise:

  •  Cruise tickets/boarding passes
  • 4 Passports or other valid IDs
  • 4 Cruise line luggage tags
  • Casual and formal cruise attire for 4 people
  • Swimsuits, cover-ups, and beach gear for 4Toiletries and medications for the family
  • Chargers and electronics for 4 (phones, cameras, etc.
  • Small backpack or day bag for shore excursions
  • Travel documents and cruise line paperwork
  • Cruise line lanyards or holders for 4 ID cards
  • Activities and entertainment for kids (books, games, toys)
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