#TravelTipTuesday from AMA Waterways
River cruising photo by AMAWaterways

#TravelTipTuesday from AMA Waterways

#TravelTipTuesday from AMA Waterways

AmaWaterways, a river cruise company,  is really on the ball when it comes to social media.  For example, today while reviewing my cruise line news on Facebook, I noticed that AMA Waterways posted this update.


AMA Waterways Facebook
AMA Waterways Facebook



Here is my #TravelTipTuesday entry

When going on a cruise, bring a device like a power strip with surge protector.  Think about all the devices that need charging: digital cameras, laptops, smart phones… The list goes on. Also notice that on this power strip there are two USB ports for charging, so technically a person can charge 5 devices. When you are sharing a cruise ship cabin, which have limited plugs, this device is a huge space saver.


Surge protector
Must have for the cruise ships.


Thanks for the travel inspiration… AmaWaterways

AmaWaterways currently offers nearly 30 different river cruise vacations along rivers in Europe, Russia, China, and Vietnam. AmaWaterways’ fleet has grown to 14 ships. This year, AmaWaterways is pleased to announce their first foray into Africa with the Zambizi Queen.


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