MSC Cruises Partners with We Are Social
MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises Partners with We Are Social

MSC Cruises Goes Social

An accelerated social media push is in store for MSC Cruises.

From MSC Cruises official Instagram page
From MSC Cruises official Instagram page

Powered by the global agency, We Are Social, MSC Cruises is hoping to keep the conversations going online with their travel partners, client’s and prospects.

The goal of the new partnership, announced via MSC Cruises today, is to develop the cruise lines’ global social media strategy. Keep reading to discover what the cruise line has to say about their deal.


If you have been reading my Going Social column  in Travel Weekly, you know that I  frequently write about social media best practices for the travel trade. I have been impressed with MSC Cruises and their commitment to embrace new tools. The arrival of MSC Divina seemed to be a huge catalyst for the brand, at least in terms of using social media to help the North American market understand this new year-round Caribbean product.

When it comes to social media, keep your eye on MSC Cruises. There is a lot of buzz in the works.  by Carrie Finley-Bajak

Social media already plays an important role in the way MSC Cruises talks to travelers and cruise lovers, with the use of a dedicated hashtag #MedWayOfLife, and more than 2.4 million Facebook fans, five million views on its dedicated YouTube channel, 80,000 Twitter followers, as well as a burgeoning Instagram fanbase. Specifically targeted for the North American market, MSC Cruises USA has more than 2.4 million Facebook fans, and 16,800 Twitter followers.

“This new partnership with We Are Social marks a ramping-up of our drive to engage with diverse online communities in ways that traditional marketing cannot. This is proof that MSC Cruises believes and invests in the potential of social media,” declared Luca Catzola, MSC Cruises’ Chief Marketing Officer.

MSC Cruises will work with We Are Social to strengthen the content strategy that lies at the heart of the conversation between MSC Cruises and various local followers all over the world. We Are Social will activate an international team of 450 specialists based in 8 different international offices, a structure that will enable it to define and coordinate a creative approach that is consistent with each country’s needs.

MSC Cruises has always placed great importance in developing a relationship and dialogue with the wide community of travelers and cruisers, so the new collaboration with We Are Social allows MSC to enhance its knowledge of the needs of current and potential travelers in different countries and address them.



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