River Cruise Buzz:  Strasbourg Christmas Market via Uniworld Cruises

River Cruise Buzz: Strasbourg Christmas Market via Uniworld Cruises

River Cruise Buzz:  Strasbourg via Uniworld Cruises

Day 3:  Kehl

Featured Excursion: Strasbourg canal cruise and Christmas Markets

Today I grabbed a complimentary umbrella and headed out for my half-day tour. On the docket was a canal cruise of Strasbourg and then a guided walk around the old city.

Welcome to Kehl – the gateway to Strasbourg Christmas markets.


Strasbourg Canal Cruise

Our local tour guide had a passion for history and architecture. She was excellent at pointing out significant structures, which was great because on a one-hour tour it is almost impossible to remember all my European world history from school.


Strasbourg waterways
Half-timbered structures still standing Strasbourg
Remains of the old bridge towers from the past at the confluence of two rivers

Strasbourg Christmas Markets

After our canal tour, cruise guests got off the boat and headed into the city. Strasbourg claims to be the “Capital of Christmas” and there are 12 markets to explore. The Christmas market tradition in Strasbourg has been in existence since 1570, and today cruise guests can head to the site of the oldest Christmas market in France located at Place Broglie.


Attracting over 2 million visitors a year during the Christmas season the Christmas markets in Strasbourg are one of the  oldest and largest in France.


Not to miss:
  • Strasbourg Christmas Market has over 300 chalets, and attracts over 2 million visitors during the Christmas season.
  • A wonderful Christmas tree is to be found on Place Kléber and a skating rink on Place du Château.
  • A visit to La Petite France, an area of picturesque buildings with Christmas shops and a gingerbread bakery, is a must, as is the food on offer at the market including sausages and choucroute (pickled cabbages) and the famous three-meat baeckeoffe stew.


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