Best in London: Martini Master Class at the Egerton House Hotel
Martini Master Class: The Egerton House Hotel

Best in London: Martini Master Class at the Egerton House Hotel

Best Martini in the heart of Knightsbridge


Before my London Layover, I did some research about the Egerton House Hotel’s martini master class. What I stumbled upon is an almost cult-classic experience celebrated by numerous nations around the globe. When I had a chance to  learn the art of the perfect martini, barman Esley Gunaratne did not disappoint.


Tips for the perfect Egerton House Hotel martini

Keep the vodka, gin and the glasses in the freezer by -21 degrees centigrade. We don’t shake or stir the martini, we serve it straight up from bottle, this is the Classic Egerton way, either with a lemon twist or dirty.

The perfect location

For those wanting to extend their stay beyond the bar, hospitality is available. The public spaces and hotel rooms are elegantly appointed. Each room is unique and the property is pet-friendly, which is great.

Nearby the V&A has a new exhibition, Shoes: Pleasure & Pain, is very interesting and hotel guests love it. For those looking to take advantage of a special value offered by the hotel and the museum check out  We also have a package created for it, please see here


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