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Where do you want to cruise?

One of the biggest challenges as a cruise traveler is figuring out where to cruise. A lot of thought and effort go into the research phase to discover where to cruise.  Each region is different and offers unique experiences. Typically a cruise passenger will choose to travel close to home to see if they are suited for the sea, then they will venture off to a warm-weather destination. After that, the world of cruising opens up and you might be more inclined to try exotic or boutique cruise experiences. 

First-time cruisers or seasoned cruisers will find plenty of ports to explore in these popular cruise destinations.Go beyond the ordinary and choose a cruise that will help you check off your travel goals.  You can choose to be as active or as relaxed as you please. Choosing a cruise itinerary takes a lot of thought and planning. Passengers can explore the Arctic, stroll the charming streets of a small seaside village, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, attend a music festival at sea, or take a cruise around the world. Whatever you decide, if there is an ocean, sea, bay, river, or canal available, there is going to be a ship to take you on a grand adventure.

Most Popular Cruise Destinations

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Cruise Trend Outlook

The cruise industry is growing at a rapid rate. You will be able to find the right cruise to meet your needs. Use our tools and tips to design your best cruise vacation ever on a ship that sails on the oceans or  rivers around the globe.

Instagram photos are
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2019 Cruise Trend
Experiential travel has evolved into achievement travel as
vacationers are looking for experiences beyond sightseeing. Bucket
lists have become goal-oriented and cruise lines are meeting these

2019 Cruise Trend
Cruise lines have adopted technology for cruise
travelers—including keychains, necklaces, bracelets, apps and
more—in order to provide a highly personalized travel experience
while on and off the ship.

2019 Cruise Trend