The Silk Road on Silversea Cruises via a Pillow Butler
Need I say more? This is what I call heaven.

The Silk Road on Silversea Cruises via a Pillow Butler

All roads lead to the Pillow Butler on Silversea Cruises

Thanks to China and their production of raw silk I have had the best sleep on Silversea Cruises Silver Shadow.

Although the production of silk has been underway for at least 5,000 years in China, the invention of a Pillow Butler is a relatively new concept.

Silversea Cruises offers a robust pillow menu giving cruise guests less reason to lose sleep because of an uncomfortable pillow. The Pillow Butler has 8 choices to select from, which vary by firmness level, size, and filling (down, feather, memory foam, buckwheat, or polyester).  Try all the pillows, I did.

Once I found my favorite pillow type, I would suggest getting a Tiara Collection pillow cover in 100% silk charmeuse. This super luxurious pillow cover even has a hidden pocket for either a chamomile or lavender scented aromatherapy sachet to help induce a relaxing slumber.

A Silversea Encounter at a Silk Factory

Hard at work boiling silkworm cocoons.

As fate would have it, during a shore excursion in Shanghai, our group had an opportunity to visit a silk factory.

The silk factory visit was a fun stop for me because I got to learn more about silkworms and have a chance to buy a silk blanket or pillowcase to bring home.

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