Eco Snorkeling Bora Bora
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Eco Snorkeling Bora Bora

Port Activity – Bora Bora

When choosing a water adventure that combines both snorkeling and an in-depth marine enrichment program, make sure to seek out the eco snorkeling adventure by Diveasy. Diveasy offers a unique narrated one-hour snorkel, which follows a 45-minute presentation about the corals, tropical fish and sea-life indigenous to the Bora Bora lagoon. The owner of the company, Laurent Graziana escorts a maximum of 6 cruise guests on each 3.5-hour excursion. His knowledge of the local underwater sea life is impressive and people looking to learn more about Bora Bora’s marine environment will be happy with this shore excursion choice. The tour is suitable for all ages, and Laurent provides all the equipment necessary.  Thanks to a snorkel purpose-built with a communication system, snorkelers are able to listen to music and comments about the coral ecosystem. Laurent is in the water helping participants pick their way through coral formations, and he stops along the way to point out the unique corals and tropical fish of Bora Bora. Guests will leave enriched and able to identify key elements of the fragile marine ecosystem. Laurent also offers his services for deeper dives.

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