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Stockholm, City Hall. Photo by Carrie Finley.
Stockholm, City Hall. Photo by Carrie Finley.

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Cruiser beware. There are a couple of places your ship might dock in Stockholm. This is important for those booking cruise excursions on their own. The ideal location is near the city center Gamla Stan.

Closest quays to Gamla Stan:

Quays located south of Gamla Stan:

  • Stadsgården – Close to Gamla Stan, in fact you can see it from the quayside approximately 1.5 miles away.

Quays located in the commercial port area, north of Gamla Stan:

  • Frihamnen – about 3 miles from Gamla Stan, which can equate to a 15-20 minute bus ride. Frihamnen is popular with ships that are turning around and embarking and debarking new cruise passengers.
  • Värtahamnen – About  5 miles from Gamla Stan. Guests should plan on taking public transportation.





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