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Costa Maya by Arne H
Purpose-built for cruise passengers

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Costa Maya was purpose-built to accommodate cruise visitors visiting the region. Located north of the fishing village of Majahual, cruise visitors can choose to stay on the property or to venture out to the surrounding area. However you choose to spend your time, bring a hat and a bottle of water.

Cruise visitors staying on the compound will have access to shopping, a swimming facility, and dining venues. There is also a dolphin attraction and a viewing platform to take amazing pictures of the ships and dock. Swimmers wanting to go for a swim in the blue-green ocean should bring reef shoes to protect their feet from the rocks. Better yet, there is a pool with a swim-up bar to keep cruisers cool in the hot Caribbean sun.  Learn more about the port here.


Where do cruise ships dock?

Screen Shot of Puerto Costa Maya map
Screen Shot of Puerto Costa Maya map

Cruise ships dock at the pier, which leads to the nearby shopping and entertainment areas.


Top attractions, not to be missed:

Shore excursion ideas:

Note: Pay particular attention to the time your ship is in port. Some of the attractions are located some distance from the Port area. Cruise visitors wanting to venture off the Costa Maya development should make sure to book with the cruise line or find a reputable tour operator that guarantees your arrival back to the ship.   Quick trips to the nearby fishing village of Majahual can be made via taxi or shuttle bus.

  • Take an excursion to nearby Mayan ruins at Chacchoban, Kohunlich or Dzibanché
  • Zip line through a Mayan forest from Costa Maya
  • Charter a fishing boat
  • Go to Uyumil Che (a nearby monkey farm)
  • Go to Xcalak for a snorkel or dive at nearby reef
  • Go diving at Chinchorro Reef Underwater National Park in nearby Riviera Maya
  • Visit Sian Ka’an, an UNESCO World Heritage site

More Resources

  • For more ideas about what to do in Costa Maya, watch these videos, click here.
  • What the tour book says about the region



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