Digital Travel Journaling – Cruise with Cruise Holidays

Has anyone ever tried to go through their electronic photos and organize them? I am really excited to announce that the City of Newport Beach is offering a couple of my Digital Travel Journaling classes this December. We will learn how to finally get those photos in order. These classes will also allow students to […]

Making the Best of Summer Air Travel

Getting good deals on summer air travel Below are some tips that you might want to think about when traveling this Summer. Even when your cruise vacation is everything that you dreamed it would be, traveling to and from the ship can be challenging if you go by air. Since air travel during summer includes crowded planes […]

Welcome to Cruise Buzz

Explore. Discover. Share. Cruise reviews and information about ships, ports, and people. Discover the wonderful world of cruising and find out what cruise buzz is happening.  Discover what is trending on the ships and from the ports. Cruise news and reviews about cruise ships and travel destinations. is an integral part of a […]