Sustainable Tourism Cruise Chat Recap

Sustainable Tourism – the topic that keeps on giving

Lara Nicotra
laranicotra Lara Nicotra
We interrupt this #cruisechat to bring you…an earthquake?!

Just when we were settling into another fun #CruiseChat, I see this tweet….

There was a moment when I wondered if I should cancel #CruiseChat because of the earthquake. But then people stopped tweeting about it and I decided the show must go on (and people kept participating).

The numbers:

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The Questions:

Q1. What is your definition of sustainable tourism?

Q2. Have you ever volunteered while on vacation? Why/Why Not?

Q3. Eco-tour or voluncruise: do you know the difference?

Q4. Fill in the blank, When I have used batteries while on a cruise, I dispose of them  in the ________.

Q5. What does being a responsible traveler mean to you? Why?

Q6. Can you give an example of Sustainable Tourism in action?

Q7. Caption this picture…

Q8. What made the cruise ship in “Speed 2” not an advocate of sustainable tourism?

Q9. What would you do to be a sustainable tourist next time you go away?

Some of the tweets:


@SunViking2 ME …… is ALWAYS a fun and interesting chat!
CrociereUK to read some more about #Sustainable Tourism Check out our blog! 

Princess Cruises
PrincessCruises Princess CruisesThanks for mentioning our AK can donations @CruiseBuzz! We also donate used cooking oil to a school on Princess Cays. 

FreshCruiser (Abby)
FreshCruiser FreshCruiser (Abby)A9: Do research on tour companies & attractions to make sure they are working to sustain their region 

Scenic Cruises US
ScenicCruisesUS Scenic Cruises US
A9: read up on #sustainable ideas for tourism…
Cruise Specialists
WorldCruise Cruise Specialists@ConceireUK – Oh lol I guess hitting the town is not very #sustainable – awful movie! 

shipsandtrips ChristyRT @CruiseBuzz: Here is al iink to the UNESCO #sustainabilitypage. #GoodStuff 

Raghav Modi
raghavmodi Raghav ModiA9. Make a conscious decision to go green in all respects.Loved the idea of taking less food,cause those breakfasts are tempting 

Benedict Montgomery
BenMontgomeryCD Benedict Montgomery@CruiseBuzz Cool – Sustainable becoming increasingly popular and a lot of touristy places encourage it to help protect enviro… 

Sandi McKenna
McMedia Sandi McKennaEat everything on my plate! RT @CruiseBuzz: Q9. What would you do to be a sustainable tourist next time you go away? 

CareVacations CareVacationsA4: Aren’t most batteries rechargeable now, anyway? 

Cruise Specialists
WorldCruise Cruise SpecialistsA6: @halcruises are a great example of sustainable tourism. In Seattle they can plug into the power grid. 

SimonTravels SimonA6: The new @VikingRiver longships are great examples of sustainable tourism in action
Viking River Cruises
VikingRiver Viking River Cruises
A6 Our GREEN ships run on diesel-electric propulsion, meaning they use 20% less energy & produce 20% fewer emissions
Schlossadler Wines
SchlossiWines Schlossadler WinesQ6. Sustainable tourism in action could be choosing excursions that contribute to preserving the natural environment 

Cruise Specialists
WorldCruise Cruise Specialists
@CruiseBuzz I’ll do you one better, I’ll show you one of our successful volunteerism shorex
Scenic Cruises US
ScenicCruisesUS Scenic Cruises USTop 2 #sustainable practices for travelers: buy unpackaged products where possible 

SimonTravels SimonA5: Gotta borrow the “Take only photos, leave only footprints” quote. Really sums it up 

shipsandtrips ShipsandTrips ChristyLook at @gapadventures – they’ve found a nice balance. Vacays for all ages/styles, with an eye on voluntourism, sustainability 

Barbara Hartman
CruiseCoaches Barbara Hartman@CruiseBuzz A3. An eco-tour could be any type of tour that makes a concious effort for low impact on the environment. 

shipsandtrips ShipsandTripsChristy
RT @raghavmodi:  A3. Voluncruise is all about cruising and volunteering at the stops
A3: Yes, an eco-tour takes special precautions to not leave a footprint and that visits important and sensitive eco areas
shipsandtrips ShipsandTripsChristy
#cruisechat Cruise Industry takes lots of hits for not being “green” – I suggest that they’ve made great strides. “Save the Waves” etc
Sandi McKenna
McMedia Sandi McKenna
Not unless you count me schlepping @rickgriffin ‘s bags RT @CruiseBuzz: Q2. Have you ever volunteered while on vacation?

InterContinental Hotels & Resorts | Responsible Business:…

Princess Cruises
PrincessCruises Princess Cruises
More on our oil donation program is on page 28 of our sustainability report:
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