How well do you know etiquette? 5 questions to test your knowledge of foreign business customs

Cruise guide to etiquette: 5 questions to test your knowledge of foreign business customs

Inspired to behave the “right” way when I am cruising, I decided to research etiquette to see what I could learn.The following questions are  from the Cities Etiquette quiz.

Q1. Should one worry about  bella figura and does it matter when doing business in Milan?

A1. Always maintain  your bella figura–showing your best face–when doing business in Milan, Italy.  Never apologising for being late or failing to return a phone call or e-mail (See article: Milan Business etiquette, May 7th 2002)

Q2. How should you greet a business colleague in Singapore?

A2. Shake hands, but more softly and for longer than in the West (See article: Singapore Business etiquette, Jul 6th 2004)

Q3. How important is the social element to deal-making in Mexico City?

A3. Essential. Work on developing a good relationship with an associate before expecting anything else (See article: Mexico City Business etiquette, Oct 26th 2001)

Q4. At a meeting in Tokyo, a contact presents you with his meishi or business card. What do you do?

A4. Leave the card in front of you (putting it away is a signal that the meeting is over) (See article: Tokyo Business etiquette, Jan 28th 2003)

Q5. Is a business trip to Buenos Aires in November a good or bad idea, and why?

A5. Good. The polo season will be in full swing and everyone will be in town (See article: Buenos Aires Business etiquette, Jan 6th 2004)


How did you do?

Ready to put your best face forward? If you want to chat more about customs, stop by #TTOT Nov 1st.

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