Cruising Europe – it’s a good value

Reasons To Cruise Europe

Today is a good day. It is Friday and I have just received another testimonial about why cruising in Europe is the place to go.

Consider the following: At today’s rate, one euro = $1.58 (Canadian or US)

Dollars vs Euro

When you cruise in Europe, you do not pay for your cruise or your purchases on the ship in euros. Let me give you a couple of examples, all include tax and service:

  • Two hamburgers and two glasses of wine at a five star hotel in Venice = 102 euro or $160.
  • Lunch for two – Greek salad, lamb souvlaki and two beers at a very moderate café in Athens = 40 euro or $62.
  • A double room at an average 3 star hotel in Mykonos (mid June – mid September) for one night = 175 euro or $271.

As a way of comparison, I went on Royal Caribbean’s Web site – no special deals other than what they show – and priced a July 26 departure for an average itinerary sailing from Venice to Greece and Croatia. The total price for an outside cabin for two including taxes, fees and fuel surcharges = $3,409.62.

You can do the math; however, it’s clear, the bottom line is that cruising in Europe is an excellent value and there is still plenty of space and some great offers to be had.

Call your relatives, your friends and anyone that has been promising a trip but has not found the time. Now is the time. There are great opportunities, so don’t sit back and let this opportunity pass you by. Take action now and reap the rewards.


Carrie Finley

Carrie is ready to explore, discover, and share the wonderful world of cruise travel. My goal is to report live from the ships sharing information about the overall experience under my Blogger-at-Large series. You will find information about cruise ships and places near the sea. Explore what’s buzzing at the cruise lines and gain insight into the world of cruising. Make sure to connect with Carrie via social media outlets including Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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