About Cruise Buzz

Cruise Buzz is a website with resources to help you cruise better.

Cruising better is a choice to take control of your cruise vacation by cutting through the noise and getting to the good stuff. I started this site because in the early 2000s companies like Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor, and online travel agencies did not support the local efforts and voices of small independent travel agents. Since I was a small local community business owner, I got shut out of a lot of conversations taking place in emerging online communities. What could have been seen as a problem quickly turned into an opportunity to make my voice heard while I  educated my clients about how to make awesome cruise vacations.  Today I do not make money from selling cruising. Instead, I promote cruising and have become an influencer in the cruise travel niche. To learn more about me keep on reading. 

Carrie Finley

Chief Experience Officer

Carrie has made cruising an integral part of her life. As a former cruise travel agency owner, she has booked passages for thousands of travelers. Since hanging up her sales hat, she has become her best customer and has devoted herself to helping travelers cruise better.

Cruising better means making sure you are getting what you paid for. Often times, the brochure, videos, tv ads, and hype just don’t deliver the dream. That is why, Cruise Buzz is here, to help you cut through the noise, and get what you need to make informed cruise vacation decisions.

Carrie Finley

I am on the quest to decipher fact from fiction.

If you are reading this bio about me it means that you and I probably share the same passion: a love for cruising and enjoying the many benefits of traveling at, on or by the sea.

I am the Chief Experience Ambassador at Cruise Buzz, which I started when I owned a cruise travel agency in 2006. While working in cruise sales, I earned the ranking of Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC) from Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and I received certifications from Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Holland America Line and Crystal Cruises. Attending these rigorous training programs gave me the ability to match people with a product, which has always been my goal.

After the recession and because I wanted to work in marketing and media relations,  I switched gears from sales and moved into marketing and public relations. The jump from sales to marketing was an easy one for me because my passion has always been storytelling.
What I learned along the way is that as a small business owner, you need a champion working on the technology forefront who is able to sift through vast amounts of data, best practices, and information to help save you time and money.

Meet the Crew

I would be remiss not to mention Team Cruise Buzz crew members. These folks have joined me on many voyages and have helped provided valuable insight into the many nuances of the cruise experience. 

Cruise Jess

If you keep up on the Cruise Buzz via social media then you know that Cruise Jess is an integral part of the team.

Photo Copyright Carrie FInley

Cruise Sophia

Cruise Sophia has a passion for the classics. She is most happy walking around the ruins of Greece and discovering local history.

Cruise Kid

Cruise Kid has been cruising since he was an infant. He can’t get enough of life on the high seas.