Best in Show

Cruise Buzz Favorites

Normally I don’t like to play favorites, but when it comes to cruising for over a decade, naturally I have an opinion on things. 

  • Best cruise line: Azamara 
  • Best river cruise line: Uniworld
  • Best cruise ship cabin: Silversea
  • Best sunset: French Polynesia
  • Best food on a ship: Crystal Cruises
  • Most comfortable bed: Silversea
  • Best shore excursion: Kayaking with Sophia (it still makes me laugh) 
  • Best city to layover in Europe: London
  • Best pre or post cruise hotel stay: Hong Kong
  • Best port:  Anywhere I can spend longer time in port (thank you Azamara!)
  • Best happy hour:  Silversea 
  • Best kids club: Disney Cruise Line
  • Most scenic port: Kotor, Montenegro
  • Best cruise ship entertainment: Royal Caribbean
Best cruise


There are so many cruise experiences to pick from, each ship and itinerary has been unique. The Norwegian Arctic, the British Isles, and going to Asia are some of my favorites. But when it comes time to deciding my favorite cruise line then I have to pick Azamara Club Cruises. The size of the ship is perfect, not too many fellow passengers is best for me. The best part of this cruise line is their dedication to spending more time in port. Getting to stay in port well into the night is a great way to really get to know a port of call. Of course, it is not the same as spending multiple days in one place, but a longer stay in port really has advantages. A very close runner-up to Azamara is Silversea Cruises. If you are in the market for a luxury cruise experience then it’s hard to go wrong with Silversea. I loved the extra pampering, wonderful staff, great cuisine, and luxury perks. 

Best Activities

Shore Excursions and Land Tours

Typically  I am not the shore excursion type of person, but there are many ports where I have enjoyed an organized shore excursion offered by the ship or through a vendor that “guaranteed I would make it back to the ship.” I have noticed that the shore excursions tend to win my favor the farther away I am from the city center. If I am calling on a port for the day then I enjoy walking around on my own. If the port is far from the city center then I try to choose a shore excursion that is not too early (who wants to get up at 7 am during a vacation?).

Best food

Culinary Delights

Favorite experiences related to the culinary arts found onboard and in port.

Best hotels

Pre/Post Hotels

Booking a pre or post cruise hotel is a great option for travelers needing to spend more time in port.


Best of Caribbean

Calm waters, balmy breezes, and island vibes await. As well as a lot of local vendors who see your ship coming that have an uncanny way of following you around all day. For this reason, I highly recommend taking an organized excursion from the ship because the vendors don’t seem to harass the organized tour groups as much. With all that said, the Caribbean is a great place to swim, snorkel, dive, and hang out by the sand. Oh, and for those of you shoppers, then I would be remiss to mention the Duty Free shopping.