My goal is to help you cruise better

Hi! I am Carrie and I am glad you are here.

As a former  CLIA cruise travel agent, I spent a lot of time researching the industry. I discovered many tips and tricks that I passed to my clients.  I discovered how to help clients select the best cruise line, ship, and destination that would match their budget, lifestyle, and vacation goals.  After completing extensive training, I set off on many cruise adventures. Although I am not in sales anymore, I am committed to providing my audience with information you can use to cruise better

Extraordinary Experiences

Does the cruise ship experience live up to the hype?

When I was selling cruises, I took my customer’s shipboard experiences to heart. I set out on a quest to determine fact from fiction to see if the cruise lines delivered on their sales promises. This website is dedicated to helping you cruise better!

Core Values

While I did travel as a guest of the cruise line on many of my cruises, I am committed to objectivity and providing you with the truth. 

  • Direct, open, and honest communication
  • Commitment to audience
  • On a quest for fun

Cruise Better

Cruising better is a choice to take control of your cruise vacation by cutting through the noise and getting to the good stuff. I started this site because in the early 2000s companies like Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor, and online travel agencies did not support the local efforts and voices of small independent travel agents. Since I was a small local community business owner, I got shut out of a lot of conversations taking place in emerging online communities. What could have been seen as a problem quickly turned into an opportunity to make my voice heard while I  educated my clients about how to make awesome cruise vacations.  Today I do not make money from selling cruising. Instead, I promote cruising and have become an influencer in the cruise travel niche.