What cruise visitors should know about visiting Puerto Rico

Cruise Ports – The main cruise ports are in San Juan, which is the capital and largest city. Cruise ships dock right in the heart of Old San Juan or at another option during peak season. 

There are a couple of alternatives to the Old San Juan cruise facitiy. Make sure to know where your pier is. If you are docked in Old San Juan, then walking the city is easy for those that want to explore on their own. 

Airport:  Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

Cell Phones: Good news. Most US carriers have coverage in Puerto Rico.  Most “nationwide” plans include Puerto Rico, however make sure to check before you use your phone on the island to avoid roaming charges.

Currency – Puerto Rico uses the US dollar, so no need to exchange currency.

Language – The primary languages spoken are Spanish and English. Many locals, especially in tourist areas, speak both fluently.

Getting Around – Taxis, public transportation, Uber, and public transportation like buses and the Tren Urbano (metro system). Walking is also a great option in old San Juan.

Weather – Puerto Rico has a tropical climate year-round, with warm temperatures and high humidity. Bring light, breathable clothing and sun protection.

Safety – Puerto Rico is generally safe for tourists, but use common sense precautions, especially in unfamiliar areas at night.

Tipping – Tipping at restaurants, hotels, and for taxis/tours follows US standards of 15-20%.

Shopping – Puerto Rico is a duty-free port, so it’s a great place to shop for local Puerto Rican goods, rum, and cigars.

Top attractions, not to be missed

Some of the top attractions include Old San Juan, El Morro and San Cristobal Forts, Condado Beach, and the Bacardi Rum Distillery tour.

  • For those that want to explore the Old Town district there are plenty of  shops, museums, galleries, restaurants and bars to explore.  Make sure to sample some local rum and purchase some  locally-grown coffee.
  • Active cruise visitors might like to soar above San Juan via the zipline shore excursion
  • Hike the El Yunque Rainforest
  • Kayak the bioluminescent bay at Laguna Grande in Fajardo
  • Visit to the Bacardi Rum Factory
  • Some tours take cruise visitors to the Spanish forts of El Morro and San Cristobal

Let me know if you need any other Puerto Rico travel tips for cruise visitors. Leave a comment.



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