Super Tuscan Wines on Princess Cruises Royal Princess

Super Tuscan Wines on Princess Cruises Royal Princess

Now Pour This: Super Tuscan Wines on Royal Princess

Of the many innovations on Princess Cruises’ newest ship, the Super Tuscan wine program is causing a lot of buzz. In fact, a Tweet with a link to an Instragram post from Carnival Corp executive Micky Arison sparked my interest before I even made it onboard.

Screen Shot from Micky Arison's Instagram post.
Screen Shot from Micky Arison’s Instagram post.


Super Tuscan Wines

Royal Princess offers the largest collection of Super Tuscan wines at sea – Cruise guests will note that there are more than 25 Super Tuscan wine choices available for purchase. That is actually quite remarkable because to date, there are only a total of 29 Super Tuscan wines. For those not in the know, Super Tuscan wines are blends of the more popular varieties found in Tuscany, Italy.

Sabatini’s Super Tuscan Wine Tasting event

Cruise passengers wanting to learn more about the Super Tuscans can attend a wine tasting held at Sabatini’s on Royal Princess for $40 per person. Since the ship offers 25 of the 29 Super Tuscan wines, cruise passengers will sample a variety that is decided by the maître d‘hôtel. Some of the choices available range from Super Tuscans such as Masseto, Solaia or Tignanello to some lesser known vintages such as Castello del Terricio ‘Cappuanino’ or Il Bruciato Bolgheri.  I attended the wine tasting, which included the following: Remole, Lucente della Vite, Le Serre Nuove, Mormoreto, and an Ornellaia.

Wine Maker’s Dinner

New to Royal Princess is the addition of the Wine Maker’s Dinner concept held in either the Symphony and Concerto dining rooms. Passengers, who spend $40 per person, enjoy varied menus developed to pair cuisine with the wines from select winemakers.


Cruise passengers can head to Vines, the onboard wine bar and lounge located on Deck 5. Here the knowledgeable bartender will help you sample one of the Super Tuscans.  The wines are available for purchase by the bottle, and the prices start at $27.00 USD.

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