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Port Guides

Once a cruise has been secured, cruise passengers usually research logistics about how to get around the ports the ship visits. A common problem that most people have is wondering what to do in port. For example, should a cruise passenger take a shore excursion from the ship, or book an adventure on their own? Or maybe someone is wondering how far the port is from the center of town. All of these questions require some insider knowledge from experts. I compiled a list of port guides for my top 20 cruise ports, and below that list are more port guides that I like from other sources on the web.

MSC Divina in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
MSC Divina in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Editor’s Picks: Top Cruise Ports

The port guides that I curated have maps and logistics for how to get around some of my favorite cruise destinations.

  1. Amsterdam
  2. Athens (Piraeus)
  3. Barcelona
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Costa Maya
  6. Cozumel
  7. George Town
  8. Key West
  9. London (Southampton)
  10. Miami
  11. Montreal
  12. Nassau
  13. New York City
  14. Nice
  15. Quebec City
  16. Rome (Civitavecchia)
  17. San Juan
  18. St. Thomas
  19. Stockholm, Sweden
  20. Venice, Italy
  21. Valletta, Malta

Links to More Port Guides on the Web

Click here to access our Blogger-at-Large series.

Below are more resources that I use to find information about cruise ports.

  • Toms Port Guides – as a hobby Tom Sheridan writes port guides. He has done a great job capturing the details that cruise visitors need to know.
  • WhatsInPort – a down-and-dirty list of 1200 port of call click here. 
  • CruisePortWiki, which offers guides to major cruise ports around the world. They feature concise travel guides targeted towards cruise ship passengers.

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