2011 Wave Season Predictions #cruisechat

2011 Wave Season Predictions

Welcome to another edition of #CruiseChat, our fun place to tweet about cruising on Travel Tuesdays. A big thanks to our co-hosts @CruiseRadio and @CruiseLineFans who will keep the pace while I am tweeting from the airplane (fingers crossed).

Surf’s Up – Catching the Wave

We are all in the water together: Cruise lines, Travel sellers, Travel media, and cruisers

Traditionally Wave Season takes place between January and March. Wave Season typically generates the highest sales volume of any time of year. Travel sellers and consumers can expect attractive deals combining low prices,onboard credit offers,  stateroom upgrades, free airfare and early booking discounts.

Wave equation:  low airfare + available cruise cabins  + cruise promotion = consumer spending

To help stay afloat of all the information and potential misinformation, this #CruiseChat Twitter Party is dedicated to helping gather resources.

One resource that is a tremendous help is the online cruise community called Cruise Line Fans. Tim from Cruise Line Fans says, “the weeks leading up to “wave season” are an ideal time to read through cruise reviews at sites like CruiseLineFans.com. Once the deals start appearing, you’ll know what you want and, more importantly, know what you don’t want for your next cruise vacation.”  Good advice!

What are some of your  predictions for Wave Season 2011?

  • 2:00 pm   Q1. What is wave season?
  • 2:10 pm   Q2.What do you predict as the “hot” cruise spot for 2011 #cruise season?
  • 2:20 pm   Q3. What is your favorite cruise line promotion?
  • 2:30 pm  Q4. What trends do you predict in the #cruise industry?
  • 2:40 pm  Q5. What are your tips for finding a good #cruise deal?

Wave Season resources

Want to learn more about what Wave Season is? Check this article: Travel Weekly

From Cruise Line Fans – Discover what you like and don’t like before you buy:

Wave Season promotions from the cruise lines:
NCLFreestyle Wave campaign is Free Upgrades for All – www.ncl.com/upgrades.
DBAHALBLOG for Holland America Line Wave season promo always “View and Verandah” Click here for details

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