Port Review Naples Disney Cruise Line Port Adventure of Pompeii

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Disney Cruise Line port of call: Naples, Italy. Shore excursion review Pompeii

Pompeii shore excursion

Disney Cruise Line offers many options for visiting Pompeii.  The least amount of money will buy a 4.5 hour half-day adventure costing $75 per adult and $66.00 for children ages 3-9.

The village of Pompeii is located 14 miles east of Naples.  In 79 A.D. the village was buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.  Viewing the remains of the city is well worth the expense in terms of time and money.

Meet our guide

I am very glad that we opted to go with the Port Adventure offered through Disney Cruise Line.  The guide was very insightful about the area and was able to help us discover the wonders of this ancient civilization.

It took 30 minutes to drive to Pompeii in an air-conditioned motor coach. We experienced a guided walking tour lasting more than two hours.

Our guide, “The Horn” as he is called, was a local from Naples. He showed us many details that I would have missed if I went on my own.  It was truly amazing walking up and down the streets of the Pompeii.  Mt. Vesuvius was always in the distance reminding us of the powerful eruption.

Cruise Buzz tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Be physically fit to be able to walk for at least two hours, with stops of course for listening to the guide.
    If you use a cane of have children that need a stroller then consider a private tour because the streets are lined with massive rocks (larger than cobbles) that will take full concentration.
  • Bring water from the ship to hydrate. Bottles of water are expensive in the tourist area of Pompeii.
  • If touring in the summer, make sure to bring hats, wear sunscreen and sign up for the earliest ship tour.
  • Bring shipboard snacks like a box of cereal, crackers or any drinks that your children will enjoy.
  • Smaller children can roam around the ruins with little disturbance to others.  Your guide is always within earshot so you can feel free to wander from the group with your children if necessary.

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